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Blog - Birthday parties in Hong Kong

A bakealicious birthday party


Cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops, oh my! 

If they made a perfume called Eau de Buttercream I would be the first in line to buy it.  If Ben and Jerry's were to test market a new flavor of ice cream called Buttercream Fairies, I would personally visit Waterbury, Vermont myself to give them two thumbs up.  So you can imagine when my own little sweetie wanted to have a cake decorating birthday party, I knew I could have my cake and eat it, too! 

When planning a party, there is usually a source of inspiration that drives the design of the event.  In this case, it was the desire to create something soft and sweet with a touch of nostalgia.  In order to achieve that, we first selected the graphics and color palette that would set the tone for the entire event.  We worked with a graphic designer who creates amazing hand-illustrated bakingware and vintage kitchen accessories (like old fashioned mixers, flour jars, milk glass bowls, cake stands, etc.).  This was then translated into all the printables including the invitation which was enveloped in an old-fashioned polka-dot candy bag, filled with baking-inspired confetti, sealed with an adorable matching sticker, and mailed to all the little guests. 

Welcome to the bakery

Guests were greeted by a series of 4'foot long stainless steal whisks and shabby chic handcrafted cupcake wrapper flowers hanging from custom-made café curtains.  2' foot circular "cake walk" floor stickers invited guests to follow the path laid out to the garden where the party was in full swing.

Sweets and treats, big and small

It wouldn't be a baking party without lots and lots of sweet treats for both big and little guests.  The dessert buffet was a delicious mix of cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops (plus a few retro candies thrown in for good measure).  A three-tier cake of baking bowls topped with a fondant spatula and wooden spoon was centerstage.  Pastel-colored marshmallow kabobs topped with a sweet gum drops where a favorite among the smallest guests. 

My personal favorite, however, where the absolutely adorable Kitchenaid sugar cookies and 3D fondant cupcake toppers. 

Junior pastry chefs in the making

All the little guests where then invited to select their own aprons, pastry hats and begin decorating their own cupcakes and cookies.  Let the buttercream fly!

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Photographer: Derrick Chang