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Swoon Soirées features on Hong Kong Moms


The great team over at Hong Kong Moms have written a feature on little ol' me and our sweet boutique, Swoon Soirées.  It was a pleasure to collaborate on this project and, as it turns out, surprisingly challenging to distill a passion for styling and decorating into a sensible and snappy article.  

Most people wouldn't guess that in my previous life I was a Partner in a consulting firm focused on solving human capital challenges for multinationals and large domestic organizations.  I've worked in the United States (where we are from), in Europe (where I spent five years), and across Asia (where we live now).  Prior to leaving the firm, I ran the Asia Pacific region for a segment of our business.  It was an exciting role for which I loved.  I authored so many articles and studies over the years I have lost count.  I think I have given 100s of speeches over my career.  I regularly did live webcasts and have been the guest speaker for few television segments (for which was rather terrifying I might add.)  So when HK Moms approached me to collaborate on writing a simple piece on Swoon Soirées you would have thought they asked me to write my memoirs. 

Simple questions like 'how to look creative when you're not' and 'tips for planning a successful party' resulted in the first draft of a 100-page thesis. For me, it was kind of like trying to answer 'what do you want to be when you grow-up" when you were a six year old.  "It's existential, yet it's so accessible!" (Anyone a fan of the movie, Elf with Will Ferrell?)

So after a laser-sharp editor's eye (which is what the blog's author was in her previous life for the glamourous Harper's Bazaar magazine in NY) we arrived at the published article which can be read on Hong Kong

How to Plan a Swoon-Worthy Soirée

(I would consider this a working title..... for completeness there needs to be a part II, III, IV, V....)! ;)