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Styling a Simple Hot Chocolate Bar


Is it just me or is hot chocolate like white gold (or perhaps in this case, dark chocolatey gorgeous gold)?

There is something fabulous about drinking hot chocolate with copious amounts of ooey gooey mini marshmallows on top. Don't get me wrong, if someone says "would you like whipped cream on top," of course the answer is yes (it would be impolite otherwise).  But it's not quite the same as having lip-sticking mini marshmallows all over your face after you get to the bottom of the cup and they all come rushing into your mouth as you try to tip in the last bit of gold from the cup. 

Which leads me to the reason for this post.  After numerous attempts at trying to convince clients who were hosting Frozen parties that they needed a white chocolate bar in the middle of July (for which no-one ever agreed...and for which I never did get that decision...) we finally styled a hot chocolate bar this week.

Now, this wasn't our usual "pull out all the stops" sort of event.  This Hot Chocolate Bar needed to be a simple affair that didn't break the bank.  Which also leads me to the reason for this post.

Setting up a Hot Chocolate Bar at home for a little evening of jingle & mingle is just what Santa ordered.  

We normally like to make everything from scratch but for this special retailer's event we went sweet and simple (and so can you). We also normally design all the graphic printables ourselves but on this occasion, Pinterest and our home-printer became a no-cost alternative for labelling. We bought the majority of the goodies from local retailers and grocery stores as well.  Then it was just a matter of accessorizing the table with props from our studio. 


Chocolate cookies: Marks & Spencer's Extremely Chocolatey Chocolate "Biscuits" 

Chocolate Pretzels: Lebkuchen Brezeln from Oliver's 

Mini cupcakes: Mor's Cake Boutique 

Hot Chocolate: The American Club

Chocolate Stirring Spoons: This is as simple as it gets, so versatile, and children LOVE them.  Buy chocolate bark or chips. Microwave in a glass measuring cup for 30 seconds on high and then stir.  Repeat on medium heat for another 15 to 30 seconds until your chocolate melts.  Bark or melting chocolate is a lot easier to work with so if it's your first time, use that. (Sweet Decorations in Wan Chai will hook you up.)  Dip the spoon several times to achieve the chocolate thickness you desire.  Repeat and then sprinkle with your favorite bits.   If you want it really thick, dip a few times then set your chocolate spoon on wax paper and let it dry. Don't forget a sweet ribbon! (Tip: brown chocolate is a lot easier to work with than white chocolate.) 


Flower Market, Prince Edward MTR.  We used both Douglas fir and Juniper sprigs to decorate the table.  We are in love with Juniper branches.  The delicate, flat green is ideal under and around cake stands and perfectly placed as an accent to a bold red and white striped ribbon on apothecary jars. This little holiday greenery would also be perfect if you were styling place cards for your table or garland around a table skirt.

Douglas fir is also ideal for decorating given its chunky, thick branches and firm needles.  It creates a perfect backdrop for which to set off all the white cake stands and wooden cake trays.

Hot chocolate bar sign: 

We did design this framed sign for the event to match the advertising campaign that we created for the retailer.  

Chocoholics unite! There is nothing more cozy and inviting then a sweet and simple hot chocolate bar this December (or dare I say even in July!).