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Over the Rainbow


Do you ever hear an idea and immediately think, "Oh yes, I can't wait to get started on that"?

That's how we felt when the birthday girl's mommy approached us to discuss some ideas for her daughter's 5th birthday.  We quickly determined that any theme for this special little girl had to be colorful since her favorite color is "rainbow" (as it should be)!

What stylist wouldn't want to be involved in one of the most cheerful of party themes, the eternally happy Rainbow party?  Count me in!

What better way to celebrate the love of ROYGBIV than to interpret the traditional iconic rainbow into a collection of rainbow patterns applied to a series of stylish party accessories.  We started with designing a simple, yet dramatic entryway to welcome all the little party guests.  A 4' foot wide cloud with repeating rainbow hearts was anchored over the doorway with a shower of 10' foot long satin ribbons to form a sweet curtain to draw guests in.

At entry, each guest was greeted with a custom-tailored satin cape in rainbow colors for all the little boys and organza tulle tutu "tails" with a red ribbon for all the little girls.  Faces were then painted with rainbows, unicorns, and butterflies, oh my.  Rumble and Friends entertained the kids for hours allowing the adults to enjoy a delicious buffet of authentically homemade savories, fresh fruit in rainbow colors, and a glass (or two) of the much appreciated, rarely declined, adult beverage!

Little eyes couldn't be distracted for long, however.  The dessert buffet was not only a teaser for the eyes but also a treat for the tummy.  To frame the sweet treats, the backdrop was made up of a waterfall of satin ribbons and extra large floating clouds in stripes, polka dots, and hearts.  In the foreground, the most delicious retro Sweets Shop stand was brimming with colorful bags of candy.  Mini buckets of M&Ms where sweetly sorted by color.  Rainbow gummies on sticks and lollipops where kissed with matching ribbons. And a large jar of jelly beans lay on its side inviting little guests to sample their favorite flavors.  Apothecary jars where also filled with rainbow-inspired treats to complete the look. 

Center stage, however, was the most amazing ruffle cake with a finely executed rainbow cake topper complete with white billowing fondant clouds.  Dozens of cupcakes with darling 2 and 3D fondant toppers joined the celebration but the most desirable treat on the table was the coveted 3D fondant Rainbow Pony which where reserved for the birthday girl.  Baker: Party Mate Cakes

To complete the table, simple (and delicious) white chocolate dipped marshmallows with rainbow sprinkles and kissed with matching ribbons were on offer (but didn't last long).

Children of all ages enjoyed the "Build Your Own Rainbow" activity station complete with everything one would need to create a fun rainbow wand and rainbow themed artwork.

And what party would be complete without the all-important goodie bag -- and we agree!  To thank all the guests for coming, a darling little bag with colorful rainbow stripes adorned with a personalized thank you tag and attached with a retro wooden cloths pin held more surprises for each little guest.  Our personal favorite, however, was the handcrafted rainbow pinwheels which we designed with extra large swizzle sticks.  Not only did they delight all the little guests when they realized they could take them home AND actually eat them, but they also served as an extra fun party decoration.

In the end, the birthday girl was over the rainbow with her special day.  And so were we.  It was a pleasure to style the most cheerful of party themes, the eternally happy Rainbow party. 

As one party guest gushed, "this party is epic!"  Ah, from the mouth of babes! 

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