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Halloween craft-tastic ideas


Halloween is one of our favorite holidays to channel our inner Martha Stewart and get our craft on. We have assembled some fun and easy DIY crafts for you to do at home with the kids.  

Good Housekeeping has accumulated a great list of fun activities for families and kids. Here are a few fun ideas. 

Bat Garland

Download this bat stencil, then trace the shape onto a piece of black craft paper and cut out the bat with scissors. Place the stencil back atop each critter you create and use a folder or ruler to make creases along the dotted lines on the stencil. Fold the creases opposite ways on each wing to make the wings 3D. Attach each bat to a long piece of string with tiny black clothespins or punch a hole and string along a ribbon.

For a bigger installation, use the same technique but use glue dots to adhere to the wall.  Eye candy achieved!

Spider Web Placemats

You can make your own fun placemats using nothing but puff paint and parchment paper. Just make a web shape onto the paper with the puff paint, then let it set overnight so you can peel the paper off the back. Place underneath a clear plate to show off the design!

Bat Toppers

Bewitching decorations take flight on a chocolate cake. Knot black satin ribbon, glue to floral wire, and dot on eyes with puff paint. Done!