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A Sensational Spa Party


It's Monday, noon.  Lunching with a friend who says, "You know, it's A's birthday on Friday afternoon."  

"Yes", I say.  "B is very excited to attend." 

"Ah, yes... About that. Can you help plan her party? We don't have a theme yet."

Oh boy, I think!

So, with four business days between my lunch and her daughter's birthday party, we begin a crazy-fun week of planning for a sweet little Spa party complete with nail bar, make-over station, tattoo parlor, and spa boutique.

Sweets and Treats

Luckily for us, Mor, at Mor's Cake Boutique, was able to whip up some really fun cupcakes and cookies at the last minute for a sweet dessert buffet.

Set up in the family's clubhouse, the dessert table featured yummy, heart-shaped sugar cookies sitting on top of mini glasses of milk and cupcakes with fondant toppers in the shapes of lipstick tubes and nail polish bottles.  We added jars filled with chocolates, pastel colored marshmallows, gumballs, and coordinating gummies on a stick. 

The sweets and treats were accentuated by larger-than-life, laser cut nail polish bottles and helium balloons in fun, coordinating colors.

Spa Boutique

Instead of the traditional goodie bag, we opted to create a fun "spa boutique" where little guests could select from a series of party favors including bubble bath, hair accessories, face towels, shower scrubbies, and lip balms.  So fun!  

The Spa Experience

With big sisters and friends as spa-tactuar therapists, the little guests were treated to a first-class spa experience complete with manis and pedis.  As a thank you, all the volunteers were given matching pink polka dot "uniforms" that they also wore for a sleepover later that night.

A "make-up consultant" (fabulous face-painter) was there to give her professional advice on the best ways to wear rainbow eye shadow and glittery powders. 

Each guest received her own cozy terrycloth robe and bottle of water while they relaxed in the chill zone.  Got to keep hydrated!

The fine print: where to go to throw a last minute spa party

  • While we normally custom-design personalized party printables for our clients, in this case we needed to rely on a ready-made collection of graphics.  We visited one of our favorite sites, Etsy, for instant downloadable gratification. 
  • One of our favorite places in Hong Kong for party accessories is our local Ikea. Filled with amazingly cheap and cheerful goodies, we stocked up on heart-shaped rugs, pillow inserts, and loads of color coordinating terrycloth towels we repurposed into pillow cases, tied ribbons around for our chill zone, and used as party favors in the spa boutique.  
  • Our friend, Mor, at Mor's Cake Boutique was a great help in quickly baking up a storm for our dessert buffet. She can be contacted at
  • A quick call up to one of our suppliers in China allowed us to swiftly ship down all the cozy kids bathrobes for the event. 
  • Sasa was the perfect source for all spa boutique favors.  In HK-style we had to visit nearly every Sasa on the Island to find enough of each item but, alas, we did it!  [Side note: Sasa has locations all over Hong Kong and there are something like 5 Sasa's in Causeway Bay alone.  Start there!]
  • Tableware, chocolates, goodie bags, and paper decorations were all sourced from our Swoon Soirees boutique. Shop now.  

Happy party planning!