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Valentine, you had me at donut!

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days of the year.  The adorable color palette, the yummy candies & treats, the fabulous flowers, the free flowing bubbly - those are the things a dream party are made of.  Am I right?!My ideal Valentine's celebration has changed over the years.  Of course, when I was in [...]

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Hosting a Holiday Party @ Home

'Tis the season to entertain at home with a few friends (and a few cocktails, of course).  But, sometimes the idea of planning a little house party sounds better than actually doing it.  Have no fear. We have put together a few tips for hosting a stress-free soiree.   The key to your success is all [...]

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Double, double, toil and trouble - a bewitchingly good party

Picture an old witch doctor’s laboratory with creepy apothecary jars filled with unicorn horn dust, toadstool clippings, and werewolf fur.  Pumpkins painted black and washed with glow-in-the-dark paint to give a faint eerie look as the lights are dimmed.  Candles burning, skulls churning in giant glass domes, and black crows perched carefully on old bones making the experience far too real.  This was [...]

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Little Steps Features Swoon Soirees in Top Party Trends 2016

CANDY BARS @ SWOON SOIREESThis year's hot list of top party trends published by Little Steps features Swoon Soirees in top position. And, you won't need a golden ticket to enjoy this most scrumdiddlyumptious of party trends. Whether it sits on a trolley or table, served in a cup or a cone, or displayed in a [...]

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Swoon Soirées features on Hong Kong Moms

The great team over at Hong Kong Moms have written a feature on little ol' me and our sweet boutique, Swoon Soirées.  It was a pleasure to collaborate on this project and, as it turns out, surprisingly challenging to distill a passion for styling and decorating into a sensible and snappy article.  Most people wouldn't guess that [...]

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Marvelous Mermaids

When you ask a five-year-old what type of birthday party he or she would like, the responses typically range from a current movie, cartoon, or perhaps a favorite story book character (or more often than not, all three of those things combined -- "I want a princess, ninja turtle, Good Dinosaur party, please" ). As a [...]

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A Sensational Spa Party

It's Monday, noon.  Lunching with a friend who says, "You know, it's A's birthday on Friday afternoon."  "Yes", I say.  "B is very excited to attend." "Ah, yes... About that. Can you help plan her party? We don't have a theme yet."Oh boy, I think!So, with four business days between my lunch and her daughter's birthday [...]

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Anniversary Sale! Hip, Hip, Hooray

Swoon Soirees turns one this month!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!To help celebrate we are in the process of putting some of the cutest party themes, baking provisions, stationery, greeting cards, candy, and gifts on sale.It takes time to plan a party so stay tuned for more information on our anniversary sale....starting soon! We'll toast to that.

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Styling a Simple Hot Chocolate Bar

Is it just me or is hot chocolate like white gold (or perhaps in this case, dark chocolatey gorgeous gold)?There is something fabulous about drinking hot chocolate with copious amounts of ooey gooey mini marshmallows on top. Don't get me wrong, if someone says "would you like whipped cream on top," of course the answer [...]

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