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Valentine, you had me at donut!


Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days of the year.  The adorable color palette, the yummy candies & treats, the fabulous flowers, the free flowing bubbly - those are the things a dream party are made of.  Am I right?!

My ideal Valentine's celebration has changed over the years.  Of course, when I was in grade school it was all about making a one-of-a-kind post box (out of an old shoe box covered in shiny tinfoil and carefully decorated with myriad glittery things). In middle school it was how many candy grams I sent and received (and hoped one was from a secret admirer).  Then it was all about me and my boo!  What surprise weekend getaway he was he planning? What fancy flowers would be delivered?  Which chic restaurant did we have a reservation?

Don't get me wrong -- still love that...but now as a mommy I cherish introducing the love of Valentine's Day to my own daughter.  

I will start shopping for Valentine's Day goodies just days after Christmas really.  I wander the stores looking at all the special goodies and gadgets adding to my treasure chest of decorations and craft supplies well before the month of February - don't want anything to sell out now do I! 

While my daughter's school doesn't recognize the event in the classroom (one of the drawbacks of living abroad), we nevertheless create homemade cards for each of her classmates and friends.  This year, we thought we would create a yummy treat to sweeten the celebration. And, what better goody than mini donuts to share the love.

You had me at donut!  Easy DIY classroom treats to make at home.

1. Get the recipe

There are so many great recipes for bake-at-home donuts.  We have enjoyed the yummy flavors of a vanilla bean doughnut from Cooking Classy.  If you haven't made baked donuts at home, it's surprisingly easy.  We use a donut mould to form the quintessential round shape.

2. Decorate to your hearts delight

Once your donuts have cooled, it's time to get your decoration on.  We have used a traditional glaze, as well as a cinnamon and sugar bath but favor melting chocolate and dipping the tops right into the warm sauce.  If you don't have melting chocolate on hand why not make your own ganache? Sallys Baking Addiction has a great and simple recipe to give a try.   Don't be put off by the fancy word, ganache.  It's simply combining a few ingredients and microwaving until melty.

We use our very favorite gourmet sprinkles, Sweetapolita, to decorate these little bites of goodness. For a pink and red celebration we recommend Secret Admirer Twinkle Sprinkle Medley.  Yum! 

3. Package your little pretties

Who doesn't love free printables?  The creative lady over at Short Stop Designs has given us the ideal Valentine's card to share the love. Seal your goodies with a red or pink bakers twine for a finishing touch.

Valentine, I donut know what I would do without you!

Looking for pretty partyware to host your own Valentine's Day party? Shop Swoon's collection.

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